Because big-picture success starts with a shared vision.

Job descriptions are your talent touchstone. They define organizational needs, set expectations, and give structure to performance conversations, so everyone gets on the same page. Quinto kickstarts the process of building job descriptions with built-in content, then facilitates and streamlines collaboration.

The result is an inclusive process that incorporates critical expertise and multiple perspectives while giving HR control over quality and consistency.

Our technologies are trusted by the best.

User-friendly software that streamlines your workflows.

Elevate competency programs.

Quinto is a competency-first software that easily works with your frameworks, works for you and doesn’t limit you..

Get started on day one.

Our onboarding program and built-in content allows you to plug-and-play right away.

Level up your tech stack.

Quinto integrates with the HRIS tools you already rely on, like Workday, UKG, BambooHR, and more.


Quinto is the all-new best in class job description software brought to you by HRSG. With a commitment to driving great performance through consistent, validated, compliant job descriptions, Quinto aims to revolutionize how HR teams and hiring managers operate, fostering efficiency, collaboration, and success.

Yes. All plans support SSO at no extra cost.

Quinto is designed with a user-friendly interface that minimizes the learning curve. We provide personalized onboarding training andvideo recordings to help new users feel comfortable with our software.

Quinto does not require home address, SSN, DOB, or other sensitive information.

Yes, Quinto is equipped with compliance tracking tools. Meets FLSA (Fair Labor Standards Act) requirements and protects your organization from legal action by documenting all input, review, and sign-off activities associated with job-description development in Quinto. Quinto has advanced versioning and control features to streamline the validation process and create detailed audit trails for record-keeping and compliance. Quinto also provides fields for working condition to support with ADA Compliance.

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Quinto provides user integration capabilities with commonly used HR systems and tools like Workday, UKG, Bamboo HR, and more.

The multi-level competencies available through Quinto software are a product of thousands of hours of research by competency experts who have honed their process over 30 years of experience in the field. Through extensive literature search, review of best practices, and job analysis conducted with client organizations, Quinto’s competencies have been validated across a broad range of occupations and industries. Additionally, our content is regularly refined over time to ensure its continued relevance and to accurately reflect changes in the real-world labor market.

See how easy it is to create validated, inclusive, and impactful job descriptions.

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