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Map job content in seconds using AI-generated content curated by human experts. Build accurate job descriptions that enrich talent programs and define employee success faster and more efficiently.

Integrated Content Features

Big Data
Save hours on your own research with content suggestions based on the most up-to-date labor market trends.
AI Engine
Create accurate job descriptions with the help of powerful AI insights that align jobs with the right skills, competencies, and proficiency levels..
Human Expertise
Every content suggestion you receive has been reviewed by human experts to ensure accuracy, consistency, and inclusivity.
Prebuilt Job Descriptions
A library of 1,600+ prebuilt, customizable job descriptions means you’ll never have to start from scratch.
Robust Library
Tap into the world’s largest library of multi-level competencies, skills, responsibilities, and more.
Interview Guides
Get interview questions based on the competencies in your job descriptions, so you can objectively select high-quality talent.

Interview guides

Get 1,600+ interview questions and supporting step-by-step guides,  so you can objectively select better talent that aligns with how you define success.

Limitless job content

Add responsibilities, knowledge items, certifications, and more from Quinto’s one-of-a-kind and expansive content library.

Simplify competency management
Convert job descriptions into job ads
Apply changes universally
Set content review reminders
40 universal competencies
130 technical competencies
1,600 competency-based interview questions

Why competencies?

Competencies are powerful talent tools developed by industrial organizational (I-O) psychologists who study the science of human behavior. They define, in objective, observable terms, the behaviors that successful performers demonstrate on the job observable.

Defining jobs using competencies gives workers, managers, and HR a common language to guide talent conversations and activities.

Achieve DEI initiatives

Quinto is committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion. All content is reviewed and validated by credentialed industrial-organizational psychologists to ensure the language used to define job skills and competencies is inclusive and broadly accessible.

What You Can Do With Quinto

Collaboration Tools

Build highly collaborative processes and accomplish more with your team.

Quality Controls

Lead effective talent programs with consistent job descriptions.

Simplify your workflow and create compliant job descriptions faster than ever.

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