Get answers and approvals faster and more efficiently.

Create an agile workflow with intuitive job description tools to foster collaboration and organize feedback from all stakeholders.

Collaboration Tools & Features

Accelerated Process
Replace complex workflows with an efficient and asynchronous process, so you can accelerate group input and approvals.
Intuitive Interface
Your team can collaboratively input feedback and approve content on an intuitive interface with highly desired feedback tools.
Enhanced Visibility
Simplify the revision process with a clear view of everyone’s feedback in one place and retain feedback records for compliance.


Manage contributor permissions and input levels by assigning owner, editor, and reviewer roles.  


Collect broad stakeholder input to refine job description content, including core competencies, job-family competencies, and leadership competencies.

Maximized Teamwork

All involved parties can use comments, reactions, and tracked changes to document feedback. Manage timelines by sending reminders to participants with outstanding tasks.

Affordable Licensing

Because you only pay for administrator seats, you can invite as many people as you want to review, provide feedback, and approve job content.

Progress Tracking

Track progress for individual sections of each job description and use reminders to keep the project on track.

Flexible Workflows

Use asynchronous collaboration and flexible processes to stay on top of timelines that you can change any time.

What You Can Do With Quinto

Integrated Content

Define what success looks like in each role with a one-of-a-kind, expansive content library.

Quality Controls

Lead effective talent programs with consistent job descriptions.

Simplify your workflow and create compliant job descriptions faster than ever.

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