Lead effective talent programs with consistent job descriptions.

Quinto's flexible job templates and built-in competency architecture ensure quality and consistency across job descriptions and set a strong foundation for compliance, career mobility, development, and career pathing.

Achieve consistency with templates.

Design your own templates to efficiently create job descriptions that align with others in your organization.

Streamline competency management.

Our competency-based job description software helps you assign core, job-family, career-stream, and leadership competencies to every role in the organization, so you can make business decisions that speak to your organization’s values.

Quality scores

Analyze every job description to see how it performs against your organization's quality and consistency requirements and identify areas for improvement.

Inclusive language

Build job descriptions that use plain language, observable criteria, and inclusive terms to help minimize inherent bias and improve accessibility.

What You Can Do With Quinto

Integrated Content

Define what success looks like in each role with a one-of-a-kind, expansive content library.

Collaboration Tools

Build highly collaborative processes and accomplish more with your team.

See how easy it is to create validated, inclusive, and impactful job descriptions.

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